How Men Can Help

Sexual Violence affects us all in one way or another. As a society we all need to be aware and work towards a culture without sexual violence. Although we are a feminist and women’s based organization we both encourage and welcome the support of males in our community.

Men and boys can get involved in variety of ways:

  • attend public education forums and fundraising events,
  • speak up about violence against women – Don’t be a Silent Bystander.
  • organize your own fundraiser
  • donate the money to a local women’s organization.
  • join an organization like the White Ribbon Campaign and
  • above all else be a positive role model for the young men in your life.

Helpful Links:

White Ribbon Campaign
This organization is working to end violence against women.

A Men’s Project
A resource for men looking to be involved with social change.

Men 4 Change
The members of Men for Change are dedicated towards promoting positive masculinity and ending sexism and violence.

Draw the Line
Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.