I don’t want anyone to know this happened, why should I go to the hospital?

  • You are safe at the hospital, it is totally confidential and no one will know you are there unless you want them to know.
  • It’s very important to take care of yourself as soon as possible following a sexual assault. Such an event can cause someone to experience shock or emotional/physical distancing from oneself that may lead to one not even realizing that they have been injured.
  • It’s important to have any injuries cared for so that healing can occur quickly.
  • You may be at risk of getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted infection or disease.
  • Hospital staff can offer you some information and emotional support, including resources to counselling services in your community. Research demonstrates that individuals who start counselling treatment early after a trauma are less likely to develop long-term emotional difficulties.
  • Evidence such as bodily fluids, skin cells, hair particles, or drugs in one’s urine are very time-sensitive to collect. These would easily be lost as time goes by after an assault. Such evidence can be a very important part of a court case if you chooses to report to the police in the following months.