What will happen in the examination?

A specially trained nurse will guide you each step of the way. They won’t do anything without your permission and will keep your records confidential.

The nurse will ask you what happened and will document the events that took place.

You will be given the option to have an internal exam done and have the results documented.

The nurse will collect the following evidence:

  • Swabs that may contain semen, saliva, and/or blood
  • Fingernail scraping (looking for skin cells of the perpetrator)
  • Pubic hair combing (looking for pubic hair belonging to the perpetrator)
  • Pictures and/or documentation of any tearing or bruising
  • Clothing collection (looking for hair or fibre materials belonging to the perpetrator)
  • Urine sample (if the victim has been drugged, they are looking at alcohol/blood levels)