Advocacy and Accompaniment Services

The Durham Rape Crisis Centre provides accompaniment and advocacy support services to women and who identify as women who are survivors of sexual violence, 16 years of age and older and who live in Durham Region.

If you are trying to deal with issues related to health care, education, workplace, police, the justice system, housing etc. that are connected to experiencing sexual violence, we can support you by attending appointments or through letter writing on your behalf.

Completing Applications

In addition, we can also assist you with completing applications for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Human Rights Complaints etc.

Navigating these systems when you have experienced sexual violence can be intimidating and stressful. It is important to have support and encouragement at this time.

In addition, we recognize that folks from marginalized communities more often experience stigma and other forms of oppression within these systems and institutions. We are here to support you through this!

To learn more about our advocacy and accompaniment services or to register for this support please call (905) 444-9672.