Counselling for Support People of Survivors

The Durham Rape Crisis Centre recognizes that sexual violence affects the survivor directly as well as the people who care about them. We therefore provide free, confidential, and trauma-informed counselling to friends, family (biological or chosen), and partners of survivors of sexual violence. To qualify for this service, you must be 16 years of age or older and live in Durham Region. We currently offer 6 sessions for support people, though the number of sessions is decided collaboratively based on needs.

We work with support people in a number of different areas including, but not limited to:

  • Understanding the impacts of sexual violence on the survivor
  • Supporting you with your own feelings about the sexual violence your loved one has experienced (e.g., guilt, anger, fear)
  • Learning how to support your loved one
  • Education about what your loved one can expect if they chose to report to the police or are involved with the justice system
  • Learning how to take care of yourself while you’re supporting a loved one

Appointments are typically available Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm. Evening appointments may be available upon request, schedules permitting.

For more information or to register for counselling, please contact
905-444-9672 or