Group Counselling Services

The Durham Rape Crisis Centre provides free, confidential, and trauma-informed group counselling sessions and workshops to women-identifying people who are survivors of sexual violence, live in Durham Region, and are 16 years of age or older.

Some groups and workshops run during our office hours of 9am-5pm, while others may run in the evening.

You are welcome to bring a service animal to group counselling or workshops if that helps you to feel more comfortable.

Group counselling and workshops can be a good place to really understand that you are not alone with what you have experienced or with how it has impacted you. Group counselling and workshops can also support you in developing connection with others, and help you learn to build trust and a support network. Although sometimes it can be scary to join a group, try to remember that group facilitators can support you through that fear and other group members are nervous, too.

Below is a list of the groups that we currently facilitate, with a brief description of the group and each facilitator’s contact information. If you want more general information about groups or workshops that are currently running, or to register for our group counselling or workshops, please contact 905-444-9672 or

Survivor’s Circle

The Survivor’s Circle is a monthly drop-in group held on Zoom for women 16 years and older. This is an opportunity for women who have experienced any form of sexual violence or trauma to come together and talk about the struggles or issues they deal with as a result. It is also a forum in which they can share experiences and impacts while getting support from other members. There will be some times where we discuss a particular topic, or it may be open discussion. There does not need to be any previous counselling, and no commitment to future groups is required. Members may also attend as often as they would like.

For more information about the Survivor’s Circle or to register, please contact Lynn at or call 647-273-0457.

Youth Survivor’s Circle

DRCC’s Youth Survivor’s Circle is a specific group for survivors of sexual violence who are 16-29 years of age. This is a dedicated judgement-free space where youth survivors can learn, grow, and heal together. Some groups are themed with specific topics, and are delivered as a psychoeducational group, facilitated by one of DRCC’s youth-aged counsellors. Other sessions are specifically created by the day-to-day struggles that are addressed by the group members. This is an ideal space where youth-aged survivors can relate and come together to receive/offer peer support, to aid with learning and mental health management. Some of the topics can include, but are not limited to: Healthy Relationships & Sex, Managing Daily Stressors, Triggers & Flashbacks, Sleep Disturbances, Anxiety & Depression, Self-Esteem & Strength Building, and Processing Trauma. DRCC’s Youth Survivor’s Circle has been designed using a feminist, trauma-informed, and strengths-based approach.

For more information about the Youth Survivor’s Circle or to register, please contact Isabella at or call 437-228-1862.


YANA (You Are Not/Never Alone) is a supportive therapeutic group, designed for women and non-binary folks that are Black (African, Black, and Afro-Caribbean) and are survivors of sexual violence. Each group is dynamic in nature, meaning there are many different focuses such as themes (i.e. shame, anger, dissociation) or topics that are brough forth by participants. This group can help you to manage, cope with, and heal from trauma through building skills, sharing resources, and connecting community.

This group is currently unavailable, however please contact Rochelle at or call 437-234-2378 for more information about future offerings.

Therapeutic Approach to Trauma

Join us for a 10-week closed therapeutic group that promotes trauma recovery through a combination of psycho-education and support. Learning opportunities will be focused on issues relevant to survivors of sexual violence and open discussions will be facilitated within a safe environment. Participants will be encouraged to risk sharing the challenges they are experiencing so that they may receive support and create helpful tools and strategies for themselves. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will be the primary modality used to promote healing.

For more information about Therapeutic Approach to Trauma or to register, please contact Tanya at or call 437-226-9029 for more information about future offerings.

Supporting Survivors

The Supporting Survivors group is a drop-in group for anyone who is supporting a survivor of sexual violence, regardless of gender. This group is not intended for survivors. Supporting Survivors will be a peer-based group where support people can share experiences of what has worked for them, areas they are struggling with, and ask questions to the group and make connections with others. This is a supportive, non-judgmental space which encourages growth and perspective so participants can better support their loved one. Areas of focus in the group will include boundary work and the importance of self-care for the support person.

Please note: You must have completed an intake in order to attend the group.

For more information about Supporting Survivors or to register, please contact Michaela at or call 416-278-9086.