Group Counselling Services

The Durham Rape Crisis Centre provides free, confidential and trauma informed group counselling and workshops to women and who identify as women who are survivors of sexual violence, live in Durham Region, and are 16 years of age or older.

Some groups/workshops run during normal business hours of 9am-5pm, while others run in the evening between 6pm-8pm.

You are welcome to bring a service animal to group counselling/workshops if that helps you to feel more comfortable.

Group counselling/workshops can be a good place to really understand that you are not alone with what you have experienced or with how it has impacted you. Group counselling/workshops can also support you in developing connection with others, help you learn to build trust and a support network. Although sometimes it can be scary to start a group, try to remember that group facilitators can support you through that fear and other group members are nervous too.

If you want more information about groups/workshops that are currently running or to register for our group counselling/workshop wait-list please contact (905) 444-9672 ext. 25

Survivor’s Circle:

Is a peer based drop-in support group for survivors of sexual violence. It runs once/month for two hours either in the afternoon or evening. There are approximately 6-8 survivors who attend on a monthly basis.

This group is focused on survivor’s supporting one another. However, there is a counsellor that ensures the facilitation of safe space. Each group, members focus on one topic and support one another through discussing that topic.

You are welcome to come and observe the group if you aren’t ready to talk yet! You don’t have to commit to attending the group each month. You can come one time, or multiple times.

For more information about the Survivor’s Circle or to register, please contact  (905) 444-9672 ext. 25